What Would JKR Do? Or, Why There Should Not Be Special Rules for Lesfic Book Reviews

When we suggest that we or other authors in lesbian fiction are not able to withstand the customary, ongoing criticism such as occurs in every other artistic field, I wonder if someone like JK Rowling ever made that suggestion. Did Toni Morrison? Stephen King?

No Rage Stalking Here – Why I Welcome Critical Reviews

The reader enjoyed my book and hoped I could be counted on to produce books that could be read quickly and not linger in the mind afterward. I know these words were meant kindly and I know exactly what the reader meant. I hope that I have disappointed her, and repeatedly. I cannot imagine if I had not read those words twenty-mumble years ago and decided then what kind of writer I wanted NOT to be.

Why Love is Suspenseful @QueerBooksPlease + NaNoWriMo

I was delighted to discover a podcast review of Love by the Numbers posted at Queer Books Please yesterday and what's even more delightful is the insightful description of why a romance novel can / ought to be suspenseful for the reader. This is a podcast that both readers and writers will enjoy.Queer Books Please … Continue reading Why Love is Suspenseful @QueerBooksPlease + NaNoWriMo

Do You Review? Blog It! Part 2

Book review site Goodreads has undergone some recent policy changes that have angered readers and led to a massive debate that is detailed in this article at Mashable. The site was trying to end an author-reader escalation of bad behavior and bullying where both groups formed retaliatory gangs that used the review and comment systems … Continue reading Do You Review? Blog It! Part 2