.@TheMarySue Casually Smears Romance: Twitter and I Respond (REBLOG Heidi Cullinan)

Heidi Cullinan nails The Mary Sue for a lazy, unresearched, hetero-only smear piece on romance writing. Not sure how I missed it, because it is good reading! It reminds me all too-vividly of the piece I protested in Canada’s National Post for Valentine’s Day about how surprisingly hard it was to make money writing a romance novel when they’re so cheap and bad.


Do click through to Heidi’s blog because she has resources and research, plus appendices, all things of beauty. The next time someone insults your readers you know where to go!

The Amazon Iowan

Today we’ll unpack an article from The Mary Sue. “Tropes of Love: Gender Roles in Romance.” Sounds like a wonderful topic. We need more discussion of romance, and gender roles, and tropes are the best! Let’s go.

“I’ve always felt a strange fascination with romance novels. There’s no genre that the general public will associate with bad books faster than romance, with their bawdy covers and superficial plotlines. Of course, that’s an enormous generalization.”

Yes. That’s quite a generalization. It’s also disrespectful, it’s perpetuating an insulting stereotype, and it’s demeaning. Wow. Awkward start. But do go on.

In truth, romance has its good and bad books just like any other genre. Some are brilliant and some will make you feel ill. But there is something special to be said about bad romance novels: they illustrate gender roles better than any other form of media. It’s the books where the…

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