3-in-1 Kindle Bundle – Lesbian Love Stories #1

Three short stories featuring the lesbian courtship dance can be purchased in a single bundle for Kindle. 10 Quick & Easy Salads +2 More (Lesbian Love Stories #1) includes:

10 Quick and Easy Salads: Cindy will do anything — even cook — if that means finding a way into Jaycee’s bed…and maybe even her heart. Erotic and romantic.

Last Call: Rikki knows she has to choose between the beguiling bartender she loves and the sobriety she’s fought so hard to keep. Romantic, tender and hopeful.

Especial de la Casa: A business dinner leaves one woman wanting the specialty of the house…and it’s not on the menu. Romantic, sexy and fun.

Coincidentally, all three stories revolve around food and drink. We didn’t set out to do that, and given my penchant to indulge in foodie urges throughout my writing, perhaps it’s not a big shocker.

All three of these stories are available individually at BellaBooks.com as well. (MOBI files from Bella can be transferred to your Kindle!) In total, the three stories are over 10K words and 60 pages.


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