Faith and Sydney – Wild Things in eBook and Print!

Cover, Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker

With a fabulous, evocative new cover and new digital innards, one of the books that was a pure pleasure to write is now back in print and in eBook formats at Originally released in 1996, the themes are surprisingly timely given the current rabid pushback against LGBT people by the religious right, not to mention the influence of extreme wealth and the role it plays in private and public lives.

I loved the research about strong women in history, I enjoyed paying homage to places I’d visited in Chicago, and for the first time I explored the hypocrisy that surrounds scripture and its strict application to the lives of some, but not all. As a character, Faith Fitzgerald spoke to me so strongly that I had to use first person, and for both of the Frosting on the Cake stories inspired by this book, Faith told me the tale in her own words and I wrote it down. Sydney Van Allen is the elusive one, but that’s in her nature.

Most sincere thanks to all the readers over the years that have said how much Faith’s struggle as a lesbian and a Catholic meant to them as they answered questions of their own. A tip of the hat to those who asked if I meant to make the reader think of Sting’s elegiac “Fields of Gold” during a certain scene. I did. Big hugs to anyone who clicks any kind of “like” button that relates to my work. Everything you do to support lesbian writers is appreciated.

You can read more about Wild Things at my web site. You can read a free excerpt in my homespun pdf. Go ahead, read both of them. It’s okay.

One last quick word: I have exactly three copies of the 2004 version with the previous cover available, and they’re about half off at my web store.

Scholar and award-winning author Faith Fiztgerald has every reason to be happy: a wealthy, charming man who adores her and a family cheering her marriage prospects. But from the moment she meets Eric’s sister, Sydney Van Allen, she knows her safe, predictable feelings for him are a shadow of what could be.

Openly lesbian and running for Senator, Sydney can only succeed if she can live down her wild past. That means no liaisons, especially with the achingly alluring woman on her brother’s arm who looks at her with confusion—and desire.

Fans of this book will not want to miss the novella-length story “Wild Things Are Free” featuring Faith and Sydney in Frosting on the Cake or the short story “Losing Faith” in Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings.

© 1996 • 56,039 words • Contemporary Lesbian Romance
Copyrighted material.


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