Sugar – Now Available Direct to Your Device!

Cover, Sugar by Karin Kallmaker

My Goldie award-winning love story Sugar, about an overwhelmed cake designer courted by not one, not two, but three women, is now available direct to Nook and Kindle.

If you’re interested in an excerpt, visit the book page at my website, and you’ll find the entirety of chapter one in an easy to download PDF. There are also links to the Nook and Kindle stores on the page, and links to the eBook versions from

Sugar Sorenson’s life has just gone up in flames.

Struggling to make ends meet, Sugar has invested everything into Cake Dreams by Sugar with hopes of becoming the most sought-after designer of event desserts in Seattle.
Working — and baking — night and day to perfect her business and her chances of winning a large bake-off prize, she’s not prepared for disaster. Within a few hours she’s got no place to live and no business, not even a bag of flour or a measuring cup.
Support arrives in the form of an empathetic Victim’s Advocate social worker named Tree, a hunky, charming firefighter named Charlie, and a dynamic, ambitious local TV producer. She’s Emily, and the first of the trio to make a serious play for Sugar in the morning, Sugar in the evening, and Sugar in the afternoon.
After years as a single lesbian who couldn’t get a heartbeat from any woman anywhere, all this attention has Sugar’s head spinning. Forced to live with her ailing, homophobic grandmother, she has no idea how she’ll get to know any of these new women in her life. They all offer changed circumstances, stability and a hope at forever. But which one will she choose?
Finding Ms. Right is no piece of cake.
Fans of this book will not want to miss the short story in Frosting on the Cake 2, also available direct to Kindle and Nook.
© 2005 • 209 pages • 68,456 words


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