One Million Moms – Lesbians French Kissing!

The One Million Moms are racking up the failures:

  • They’ve tried to pick on Ellen and JC Penney; both stood proud.
  • They’re taking credit for the cancellation of very LGBT-friendly, very Christian Kristin Chenowith’s show, but low ratings are the culprit.
  • They advised parents to take their kids out of school for unexcused absences if the school dared not to  punish students who participated in the Day of Silence or allowed gay-straight alliances.
  • Starbucks pretty much said “One million what?”
  • Urban Outfitters just shrugged.
  • They even attacked the American institution of good humored ice cream (Schweddy Balls, anyone?) via Ben & Jerry’s who promptly put out a pro-marriage equality ice cream.

And I can’t get them to pick on me! I would love to be boycotted by One Million Moms. It would make my day! Think of the headlines! Think of the free publicity!

I’m hoping they are disgusted and outraged by the idea of FRENCH kissing, especially by lesbians. In French.


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