Pre-Order Books for the Con – Benefit for GCLS

Pre-Order Books for the Con - Benefit for GCLS

Meeting readers is one of my favorite things. Which is one of the reasons why I love the GCLSCon. It’s a major reader destination and having all those women in one place is a contact high. Sometimes literally, since hugs are almost always part of the fun!

This year readers can find me at the Friday afternoon autograph session, of course, and at the Bella table – just drop by to see the schedule. I’ll also be hanging around other times. (It’s sort of a “try and get rid of me” situation…)

I want to be sure I have the book you’re looking for on hand. I can’t bring them all…even one copy of each book is a suitcase full!

So starting today I’m taking pre-orders for books to be delivered to you at the Con. I’m adding some sugar to the deal too. For every order where you pick “Deliver to GCLSCon” for the shipping method, I’m donating a portion to the GCLS General Fund based on the order total.

$0 – $20 –  15%
$20 – $39 – 20%
$39+ – 30%
To access my shopping cart you can look at the full English bibliography and click “Add to Bag” for any book, or open the catalog to browse.
Be sure when you check out to pick “Deliver to GCLSCon” as the shipping method! That’s the only way I’ll know you want me to donate some of the order to GCLS. I’ll bring the books to GCLS and sign them when you pick them up.

Questions? Comment at the blog, on Facebook or Tweet me. The offer is good through next Sunday, 5/20/12.

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary and educational organization for the enjoyment, discussion, and enhancement of lesbian literature. Our goals are to support and strengthen quality lesbian literature by providing places for readers and writers to interact, to encourage and assist new writers and established authors, and to recognize and promote lesbian work.

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