Roller Coaster’s First Review!

Early comments from readers have left me heaving a sigh of relief: there is no worst time in the life of this writer than that between the book’s release and the first feedback. It’s the time when all the self-doubt has an uninterrupted echo chamber. So far I’m delighted with the comments from readers as they’ve been nearly all positive.

And I wish I could say that I’m sorry about the lost sleep. I tried to be, really. I failed.

The first written review of Roller Coaster has been released at The Lesbrary. If you don’t follow the site, consider it. It’s a compendium of just about anything that gets mentioned on the web about lesbian writing. Reviewer Anna has this to say:

Cover, Roller Coaster by Karin KallmakerAs Laura and Helen encounter romantic challenges with other people, Kallmaker quietly but effectively sets the stage for their relationship as they live and work together in a family setting. But there are still several secrets between them–Laura continues to be reluctant about revealing their shared past–and Kallmaker makes her characters work for a satisfying conclusion. Recommended.

Roller Coaster is available at independent bookstores (just ask, they’ll order it for you if it’s not on the shelf) and online at and all the other major online etailers. If you’re an eBook fan, has formats compatible with just about any reading device you’ve got.

Copyrighted material.

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