A Blog About a Blog

Muscles grow stronger when you use them. This is a truth that I detest because it is true in regards to physical exercise. It’s good for me, darn it all. It’s also a truth when it comes to creativity. Writing is a muscle. The more I write the easier it is to write.

Finishing my latest manuscript occupied a huge amount of my attention span but there were many days (far too many days) where there was insufficient brain and time space to write the first draft. Editing is much simpler. As the weeks and months went by, I realized that if I couldn’t write on my first draft of the manuscript I needed to write something.

So I could blog. The problem there is that I’m in the school of “if it’s important enough to say, it should be well-considered and well-said.” In other words, I find it impossible not to put a great deal of thought into blogs and there was not really much time for that either. Brevity takes forever, too, and has never been my strong point.

Earlier this year, I challenged readers to start their own blogs about books. Since two thoughts often make a third, I considered what if I went completely off my usual topics, and I did what I’d told my readers to do: share my opinion on something I like, and use a blog to make a record. One of my other great passions is movies. I’m not a film critic. Not an expert. I just have an opinion and am reasonably enough versed in some of the basics of storytelling that I can express myself — I think — more or less coherently on the subject. Besides, the whole point is that I am definitely an expert in my own opinion.

Also, since it’s completely outside my usual sphere I don’t have to take much time to be diplomatic. I don’t know Seth Rogen and he’s never heard of me, so I feel free to say that The Green Hornet was really, really bad.

Popcorn is Extra is my movie opinion blog. I found over the summer that a review was a great short workout for the creative muscle, and I’ll keep doing them. It’s a work in progress, obviously. If movie reviews are your thing, this is probably the best place to start: Popped Opinions. I invite you all to enjoy.


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