Writing, Reading and LESBIANS – Really.

Woman symbol with raised fists

Most people with a web site or blog spend some time looking at their “analytics.” These are reports that show where users arrive from, their operating system, the resolution of their monitor, what they clicked on and so forth. Those who use the analytics services at the free level don’t get a lot of data, but it’s enough to stew over.

One of the most useful reports notes the keywords that users put into a search engine that resulted in them finding your site. There’s also the “relevance” list, which records words that the analytics service deems relevant to your site, and their ranking. At my site, the 100% relevant word is “Kallmaker.” Seems like a no brainer.

But that list also says that “lesbian” is only 72% relevant as a word related to my site. Huh? 72%. I assure you, it’s 99.9% relevant. So henceforth, for the search-engine-optimization gods, I’m describing everything as lesbian even though to me it seems like lesbian overkill. That means every lesbian book with every lesbian character and their lesbian dog with a lesbian car that receives a lesbian award that notifies me with lesbian email for a lesbian celebration of lesbian reading will be labeled lesbian, so there’s no lesbian confusion.

Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian. Are we clear?

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