Pulitzer Committee Adds Romance Writing to Prize Categories!

New York, NY; April 1: Columbia University announced today that the Pulitzer Prize Committee has added Romance Writing to its prestigious list of prize-worthy categories. At a press conference Pulitzer Committee Chair A. Bout Tyme said, “In recognition of the most widely read category of writing not only in the United States but around the world, without exception, we proudly add stories about how people feel, relate in dyads, form family units, support society and problem-solve on a daily basis to our prize list.”

The International Romance Creators Collective sent out a press release praising this development. “We heartily applaud the Pulitzer Committee’s recognition of the driving force of romance writing in both providing books that change lives and allow escape from the real-time pressures of the daily grind.”

Application forms for Pulitzer consideration are available from me, Karin Kallmaker. Just send an email with your bank account information, PIN number, mother’s maiden name and the statement “Go ahead, Karin, take it all.”


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