Advice from a Chocolate Addict for Valentine’s Day

Every year I refresh this article with new art, but my advice has not changed. This is the time of year when chocolate can be shipped safely (for the most part) and my favorite chocolatiers deliver romance in a box like no other I’ve ever found.

If you give her Valentine’s Day tasties consider chocolate from the Moonstruck Chocolatier. No, I’m not on commission. I’m just an addict, sharing the love. There may be slightly smoother or intensely flavored truffles out there, but for me this is whimsical, edible art.

On the left is a “Love Bug” which is part of a collection of an adorable raspberry, bittersweet and strawberry truffles.  If you’re lucky enough to be near a store, their turtle brownies are delectable. Perfect after a romantic dinner. On the right is a warning chili on a truffle from their “Hot and Spicy” Collection. This truffle has sriracha with dark ganache – oh my!

Harder to find in the United States is Bernard Callebaut chocolates and caramels. The caramels are simply the best I’ve ever had. Imagine my bliss on finding them packaged at Costco during the holidays. The world’s best chocolate…and on sale. A local search for a chocolatier might turn up someone who uses BC chocolates and sauces in their own confections, and it would be worth the sampling.

For my opinion on the mass market and easier-on-the-wallet choices, plus a wonderful option for women in Dallas, read here.

Go forth, acquire chocolate, and celebrate romance and love!


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