A Wee Little Sale, Low Tech Style


With two books out this year plus a number of reprints, I’ve once again stressed the limits of my storage. With careful arrangements, the Fibber McGee (did I just date myself?) situation has been resolved. Now I have several stacks of odd-books-out that I’ve put on sale while their limited quantities last.

Disclaimer: Most of the books on sale are earlier printings with covers different than that featured on my web site. With one exception (as noted on the order form) they are all in new/like new condition. There are limited quantities of each title, and I do mean limited. In some cases, just one or two. Unless otherwise noted, the story inside the covers is the same. Please read the notes about the editions at the bottom.

My order system is low-tech. You’ll download a Word file that has a table you can fill out, plus asks for information on signing the books. Once that’s filled out, send me the file as an email enclosure. I’ll get back to you with the total and PayPal or a check will finish the deal. Questions, just ask.

Here’s the order form. Prices in purple are the ones newly on sale. (You’ll see I have a regular discount on older versions and translations.) Since quantities are limited, do act ASAP. It’s a great way to put a book under the tree, or gift a copy to a friend to get her hooked, err, enthused. I wouldn’t want to imply that books are like drugs, though…for some of us…

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