Kip and Tam and Faith and Sydney and Jackie and Leah…

Cover, Frosting on the Cake 2

I estimate that I’ve notched over 100 literary bedposts, each bed including (usually) two women busy doing the things lesbian relish. Sometimes, even sleeping. But I digress.

My most recent collection of dalliances–and perhaps a few forays into topics not related to the bedroom–is now shipping and the ebook has also been released for instant download from I hope that every reader will find a story about their favorite couple, and that everyone enjoys the notes I added under the last chapter, “With Frosting You Get Sprinkles.”

I am often asked why I waste literary real estate on visits to the wedding altar (or civil equivalent) and bedroom. I think even asking the question suggests that somehow what lesbians do with our hearts and bodies isn’t all that important or worthy of focus. Seems to me that what we do with our hearts and bodies is why we don’t have equal civil rights, can’t serve openly in the military or have our foreign-born spouses become citizens even if we have a valid marriage license from one of the 50 U.S. states.

So I intend to keep right on focusing on our hearts, bodies and minds. For me, there is no real estate more imaginative, inspiring and fascinating than the Land of Lesbian.


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