Frosting on the Cake: The Original is Back in Print!

Some things really don’t ever get old. New authors ask me all the time if it’s bizarre that they squeal when they get their books and I say, um, no, not bizarre at all. And they want to know if that feeling of gifts from Santa, trick-or-treats, Tooth Fairy money and a slot machine jackpot all rolled into one ever goes away.

No. No it does not.

To witness: The original Frosting was released in 2001. I’ve since received more copies of it several times when it’s been reprinted and republished. Yesterday when I got the beautiful, trim copies on that bright white paper I love and the new cover art I squealed like a 12-year old girl and ran for the camera.

Frosting on the Cake (the original) can be pre-ordered for delivery on or before October 18. The first-ever ebook version should be available for download on the 14th or 15th. You can read the first story from the collection by opening this PDF.

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