A is for…


By total coincidence, both of my books that begin with “A” have been reviewed recently. First, Loving Venus – Loving Mars reviewed All the Wrong Places. [Video of readings at my site, along with more reviews.] I truly appreciate that the reviewer looked at both the erotic content and the romance storyline and how they worked together. AWP was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in both the erotica and romance categories. While it’s easily the steamiest, most explicit intimacy I’ve ever featured in a novel, it’s also one of the sweetest romances. Brandy Monsoon finds sex so easy, but love…that’s another thing entirely. She’s one of those character voices who always has something to say. Two stories in my upcoming Frosting on the Cake 2 feature Brandy and Tess, as told in Brandy’s wry and forthright manner.

Cover, Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker

My other book that starts with “A” is my most recent: Above Temptation. It was reviewed this week by Robert Jaquay for MyQmunity.com. (I also spent a most delightful hour chatting with Robert on MyQmunity Internet radio.) As a former public librarian, Robert has brought his love of books to the Tampa area and is spreading the word about LGBT stories to the fabulous community there. His thoughtful review concludes, “This is an exciting read, with lots of action and a yummy romance.  I bet you’ll become an instant Kallmaker fan, if you’re not already.” I hope Robert’s prediction is correct!

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