Hello Again, Jamie & Val

Cover, estory "Happy New Year, Too
Today Bella Books is releasing a new short story by me that features the characters Jamie and Val from Making Up for Lost Time. It’s really cool — I wrote the story a little over a week ago and now it’s “published” in eStory form. You can get a copy of it by buying an eBook of a Bella or Spinsters Ink book between now and January 5.

I decided to visit Jamie and Val because I wanted to do a holiday theme, plus this time of year is all about good food, gratitude for what we have, and good times with family and friends. The story finds Jamie feeling lonely, in the tenth year of her relationship with the famous Valkyrie Valentine. There’s also a recipe for peanut butter toffee cookies. I’m assured they make good dog treats, too!<

Writing the story has renewed my commitment to writing Frosting on the Cake 2 — more stories based on the characters from my novels. I doubt it will see the light of day before 2010, but the call of all those old friends is definitely getting louder.


One thought on “Hello Again, Jamie & Val

  1. In the tenth year of their relationship and written at the 10th Anniversary of the novel.Looking forward to reading it, Karin!I already have my pick.Thanks so much!Towanda


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