Night Vision – Free Podcast Available

I’m taking a break from writing Warming Trend to add a new podcast to my listings at gCast — this time it’s from Night Vision. Night Vision is a love-story-buddy-road-trip-Lesbian-Nation romance with a science fiction twist.
The podcast is in three parts, with excerpts from the opening of chapter 1, a longer segment from chapter 6, and two shorter scenes from chapter 8. I hope that listeners will get a feel for the voice of Julia Madison, and why everyone calls her Maddy. You can access all three parts from my podcast page at gCast.
It was particularly fun reading from chapter 6, when unbeliever Maddy consults a tarot reader — recommended by her ex — in the hopes of finding some clue about what’s happening in her dreams. She doesn’t believe a word of it, and the psyhic seems to be in the business of making anything relevant to the question at hand. But when you’re desperate, she reasons, you’ll give anything a try. Maddy has already been to the doctor for pills, to a therapist for advice, to a sleep disorder support group for help and now JaJa is telling her that her answer is in the stars.

Does Maddy ever acknowledge that JaJa is the only one who had it right? Of course not!


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