GCLS 2008 – Phoenix!

Golden Crown Literary Society logoIt’s the only by lesbians, about lesbian fiction event of its kind.

And it’s my favorite literary event of the year. The organizers have selected a beautiful resort with rooms costing no more than the last two years, and one of my sheroes, Katherine Forrest, is the keynote speaker. She will also be doing an extensive lecture on what editors are looking for in submissions.

It also means I’ll get to talk to readers and hug all old friends, make new friends (I’ll hug them too) and explore the Phoenix area– it’s been years since I visited. I am hoping to include a pilgrimage to Taliesen West. It was a visit there that inspired me to make Jackie in Painted Moon an architect.

If you love lesbian lit and want a great vacation–this is it. It’s one of those all-lesbian theme cruises, well, without the sea sickness.

News about the site, speakers, programs, fun, frivolity, awards gala and attending writers, editors and publishers is released almost daily.

Copyrighted material.

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