Betty’s Book Club

This Bay Area reader’s group has invited me to their every third Wednesday book club. I’ll attend on WEDNESDAY, July 16, and am looking forward to such involved readers. This is a link to the Betty’s List book club blog, which recaps past events. Photos and such can be found here.

Betty’s List is a longstanding Bay Area LGBT listserv and web site that provides community announcements and ads, organized by Betty Sullivan.

The Betty’s List Book Club meets at:
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Duboce Park Cafe

Corner Duboce & Sanchez Streets, (The Castro), San Francisco
Co-Chair by Dr. Betty L. Sullivan, Professor Cynthia Katona Host: Rachel Herbert, Duboce Park Cafe.

Come early to join in for dinner and relaxing conversation before the event. I will read from The Kiss That Counted.


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