Time for Chocolate

After two lengthy blogs about nutrition and fitness I think it’s more than time for a word about chocolate. More than a word, several sentences. I recently found a new favorite: organic High Attitude Caramel Latte bar from MaryJanesFarm. Milk chocolate. Caramel. Coffee. Smooth. Did I mention organic—that makes it health food. Practically. At 202 calories, it passes the Snickers test. I would opt for one of those over almost any dessert offered in any restaurant. It gave a flavor combination and mouth that left me capable of only a few weak whimpers for the duration of each delectable square’s melt time.

Manufactured as a part of an organic line of backpacking and rural-produced foods, a steady supply of these bars would have me taking up backpacking if that was necessary. I’d even consider sleeping on the ground. Consider. It goes on my Swoon List as best chocolate bar. It’s a short list, with only Moonstruck truffles, Thornton’s Smothered Toffee and Callebaut chocolate sauce for company.

So just a few minutes after I finished this wonderful morsel of heaven, my daughter dropped into my office, as she often does, to discuss her latest plans for the next book report. After we discussed the relative merits of costumes, posters and dramatic monologue, she asked how my day was going.

“I have discovered the best chocolate bar ever.”
Her eyes brightened. “Can I have some?”
I looked at her.
“Can I have some the next time you have some?”

How well she knows me.

Anyway, the bars can be scored at REI. As for the friend who gave me the bar for my birthday: You are a fine human being.


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