Me as Mii for Wii

It’s okay if the subject line doesn’t make sense to you. Until Santa’s last visit it didn’t make sense to me either. Now the latest craze is hooking up your Wii to the Internet to swap Miis. I’ve got enough trouble keeping Tivo hooked in and my laptop talking to Outlook. I told my kids, “I’m not wasting bandwidth on that sort of silly trviality.”

(I’m really fortunate my children don’t have blogs and don’t read mine. Yet.)

The stressful part of having a Mii is that she looks younger and no doubt has a spotless house without a mysterious leak over the kitchen or missing pieces of fencing. She probably can eat all the chocolate she wants in between running marathons and volunteering countless hours at the school–like I need a digital persona to highlight my flaws. She doesn’t make me coffee in the morning, so it’s a good thing I find a couple of rounds of boxing therapeutic or she’d be history.
(Put down the Wii remote and walk away…)

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