The Tour Continues – Photos and Video from SF Main

Good weather finally blessed our coast and it was refreshing to get into San Francisco and let the blue sky and cold wind blow away the winter blues! The continuing Lesbian Genre Fiction Tour had its second event last night. With about thirty or so in the audience, it was well-attended, with the kind of readers I love: they laugh in the right places and ask questions afterward.

Readers were Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall, Gabrielle Goldsby, Ursula Steck and me. Unfortunately last minute events and the ‘flu deprived us of JLee Meyer and Anna Furtado. We’re hopeful we’ll all be able to get to the next event Hayward, where we are hoping to be joined by Jaime Clevenger.

There are photos from the event on Flickr (no log in required). Video of my portion of the readings was taped by an attendee (thank you, you know who you are) with my son’s inexpensive point-and-shoot video camera and the result is pretty darned good. I only wish the camera had a larger capacity and we could have recorded everybody. You can view it on YouTube (again, no log in required).

You can see the video of me reading “Filled to Overflowing” from In Deep Waters 1 in its entirety (about 10 minutes). There’s a bonus feature, too, spellbinding footage of me looking for my glasses. The “out take” includes photos of the other participants, whom I sincerely thank for not mercilessly ribbing me afterward. The short story features the two main characters from In Every Port and is PG-13.

I hope you enjoy the photos and video!

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