E-Books from Bella


It must be the first of February, because today Bella Books rolled out their first E-books in the accessible-to-all pdf format, with mobipocket format available soon.

E-books are the answer to the shipping costs, delays or unavailability of books all around the world. Not to mention the answer to the prayers of those readers who love the books (and gadgets) so much they must go everywhere with both. I have to admit that recently at the gym I was dying for a book to read that I didn’t have to hold in my sweaty hands as the minutes ticked by.

The first titles available are a great cross-section of Spinsters Ink and Bella Books titles. Hop over and take a look!

2 thoughts on “E-Books from Bella

  1. Heya S – yes, my titles will be added. The emphasis at first is to get the newer releases and all the bugs worked out, then go to work on the backlist. My first title on e-book may well be Christabel. The revised edition of the book is releasing on the 11th, and the e-book will follow in about 90 days, I’m thinking (not entirely sure about that). But some backlist titles may appear before then. When they do I will definitely note it here in my blog.Thank you very much for the kind words about my muse. So far, I trust her. *g*Karin


  2. What an excellent new feature for Bella Books! Will some of your titles be available on this soon? I know I will really enjoy bringing these along with me on my travels – as much as I love my paperback books, eBooks are definitely a great way to travel light when flying from one place to another.Thank-you also for your kind comment on my blog, re. how your work really does help me affirm my sense of self. As much as you may sometimes write in isolation – do know that your work resonates with us out here, on many different levels. I’m not sure what wonder-stuff you mix with your prose, but do give my thanks to your muse – you’re both doing a fabulous job. =)-S.


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