Cruising at Last

In Deep Waters: Cruising the Seas is launched! Readers cleaned out the bookstores in Provincetown during Women’s Week, and it was great to sign books and meet so many new women!

Radclyffe and I quickly figured out that the leftie (that would be me) must sign on the right side of the page to be legible. What’s fun about signing books with Radclyffe is watching her touch the books. I won’t describe it more than that, but if you get a chance to watch her touch books, well, it’s a treat. I also discovered that she writes like a doctor.

Composing this anthology with Radclyffe was also a treat and we snuck away for an hour to plot the second volume, In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip. Take a busy Las Vegas hotel, put in three or four interesting conventions (romance writers, trauma surgeons, high stakes poker finals…) and watch the combinations click! What could be more fun than to wake up every morning wondering if I’ll get an update from Radclyffe on the progress of her stories.

I know I’m speaking for Radclyffe as well when I say to all the readers — we hope you enjoy this anthology as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Copyrighted material.

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