Women’s Week 2007

It happens every fall. Women leave the last remnants of summer for the chance of a nor’easter to go to Provincetown for Women’s Week. Why? Well, if you have to ask, you haven’t been.

I’ve got photos from the week at Flickr with some captions, but they don’t begin to capture the fun. My favorite online community of friends was well-represented at a sunset bonfire on the beach. I brought chocolate; I’ve found no one will turn me away with chocolate in my hand. Someone else shared a very fine whiskey and the laughter was spread far and wide by a sharp October wind. To the left is a photo from the signings fiesta at Now Voyager books: left to right, KG MacGregor, me, Cindy Cresap and Diana Tremaine Braund.

While I was in Provincetown I participated in a panel to benefit Helping Our Women, a very local charity. It was such fun and I want to thank the NINETY women who bought tickets. KG has photos up at her web site (including the Blues Women). The other panelists were Kim Baldwin and JLee Meyer with Radclyffe moderating (or trying to moderate us…it wasn’t easy with KG involved). Between the five of us we’ve written and/or edited 70+ books of lesbian fiction. It was an honor to share a stage with this group!

A reader and friend sent me a recording of my portion of the event and I’ve posted the video in three parts on YouTube. The visual is dark, but the audio sounds great and I read from All the Wrong Places and In Deep Waters; both passages feature the musings of Brandy Monsoon. First I read the passage from the novel where she realizes her feelings for Tess aren’t exactly what she thought. Then, in the follow-up short story, I read her decided opinion on the necessity of an extension cord when one is far away from one’s beloved. The last video is my response to the question about what it’s like to work with Radclyffe. (Short answer is, um, YES!)


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