Got copyrights? Then make a Will!

Stepping Stone, November 2009

My partner and I recently updated our wills; the previous versions were older than our children.

The process got me to thinking about what I planned to do with my copyrights. And that got me to thinking about friends I know who are writers and who probably don’t have wills in place that cover their copyrights.

So think about it – do you want your mother, father, or siblings to inherit the control over your work? Do you want any of them to get the money that may result from it? Do you want your publisher to have to deal with them? If not – make a will, and do it ASAP!

There are inexpensive books and do-it-yourself software programs. The yellow pages and/or local bar listings will have attorneys offering final papers for flat fees, all the way to estate planning attorneys who can handle complicated matters and will bill you accordingly.

Think of all your hard work, sweat and tears and don’t leave their future – should Bad Things happen to you – in uncertain hands.

Copyrighted material.

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